September Highlights

September 30, 2023

We just moved in a few weeks ago and are trying to get settled. Besides dealing with a ton of unpacking, there was lots of fun that happened, too!

*I volunteered for one of Blake’s field trips to a place called JA City. It’s in downtown Salt Lake and it was so cool! Each kid had a job in the city, earned money and were able to spend that money throughout the day. Blake worked as a teller at Zion’s Bank, ‘cashing’ people’s checks.

*The first house project we completed were these built-in’s for our mud room. It was completely unusable when we moved in and I knew I wanted a ton of storage. Gordon built me these glorious boxes and added the shiplap. I watched You’ve Got Mail and painted them and then they were ready to use!Much more functional now!

*I started looking for a Halloween costume for Crouton and we learned that she HATES WEARING THINGS.

*Gordon took Brooke to an Arctic Monkey’s concert. It may or may not have been one of the things we used to get her excited about moving. Lol.

*Gordon and I cracked the Crouton code for getting her to stay quiet all through the night. Take her on a walk, give her hemp treats, and then a ball with a little peanut butter inside. We also got her a bigger crate with a few pillows and blankets and from night 1, she has been a dream.

*The boys started their Fall season of soccer, pictured above.

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