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Happy Birthday, Porter!

September 16, 2023
boy holding up 4 fingers
boy holding up 4 fingers

My sweet Porter James is 4! As the years go by, I find myself wishing for time to stand still and hurry up all at the same time. I’m glad Porter was my last because he certainly knows how to be so so sweet while completely disregarding the rules. He likes to say “but what if I do my cute face?” to try to get out of things. He likes to look at everyone else’s reaction to dinner before trying what’s on his plate to make a decision on whether or not he will like it. He is obsessed with being a baby and has asked for a “real baby” a lot. (He got Spidey figurines.) Occasionally when we go shopping, if the checker starts talking to him, he will happily say “bye sweetheart” on our way out. The male 60 year old checker at Safeway was just delighted by this and I think it stuck.

He loves cucumbers, peppers, mandarin oranges (in the cup), beans, cereal, hot chocolate, pasta with “red sauce”, corn, yogurt, apples with peanut butter, just taco meat (with nothing else on his taco), maverick drinks and basically anything his older brothers like. He loves having books read to him at night before bed and begs for more- whether thats because he actually likes books or just wants to stay up late, I’m not sure. He is slowly becoming obsessed with soccer, dude perfect and ‘trick shots’ like his older brothers. Brooke taught him the word “bruh” so that’s hilarious. He likes Bluey and Spidey and tries to play roblox, but isn’t very good…yet.

He surprised us all and chose a funfetti cake with vanilla frosting as his birthday cake. Most of the time he can be persuaded to choose what his brothers want (chocolate), but he was adamant this year.

Gosh is he delicious. Happy birthday, bud. We sure love ya.

He doesn’t know how to be serious. Like at all.

boy getting ready to blow out candles

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