Family Holidays

4th of July!

July 4, 2023

My oh my was this a fun little holiday! We happened to be in Utah for the boy’s soccer camp and had to check up on the house when we got invited to a little party with friends from Oregon who happened to be in Utah the same time we were there!! It was so fun! Gosh, I’m so glad I have these people in my life. I feel like the lucky one to be friends with these hilarious, selfless and kind people.

First we started the day going four wheeling through nature. I have no idea where we were…we just followed the leader and found ourselves in the middle of nowhere. Lol. All the kiddos had so much fun. There were so many of us, we had to go in shifts! The mom’s went first with a few kids and then all the dads. It was really lovely to sit in the shade with a cold diet coke, talking to these sweet friends. That was certainly a highlight.

After our little adventure, we found civilization again and had a fun bbq, water balloon fight that turned into a straight up water fight and then finished the day with fireworks!

This pasta salad and watermelon were what dreams are made of. I had thirds!
photo by Porter

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