Birthdays Family

Happy Birthday Gordon!

July 28, 2023
dad and son with birthday cake

My favorite human in the whole wide world is 38! I love him for so many reasons but today, I love him because he works hard, loves God and takes care of his family. He is the very definition of GOOD. When we first got married, I knew I was lucky to have somehow caught him. But fast forward 15+ years, and it’s like I hit the jackpot. We have been through so many trials and hard things over the course of our marriage that I don’t share here, but I’m so grateful our marriage isn’t one of those hard things. I love you, GDB. You’re my favorite husband.

He asked for a Butterfinger Cake, so Brooke and I concocted a thing of beauty. Chocolate cake, chocolate frosting, butterfinger filling, chocolate ganache + peanut butter drip and lots of extra crushed butterfingers on top for good measure. IT WAS SO GOOD.

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