Family This Week at the Brennan's

This Week at the Brennans’

June 25, 2023

It’s been a while, as usual, so let’s catch up!

First thing: I haven’t really been on my personal instagram because I have been busy with my family! We have a lot of things we are trying to manage and I really like NOT logging online to mindlessly scroll. I just feel way more accomplished when I’m present with my kids and doing the day to day stuff with them without having to stop and check something on my phone like Facebook or instagram. After selling my blog, its kind of nice to have that freedom. But that being said, I am sad that I haven’t been better about keeping track of my life on THIS site because I LOVE looking back through the archives and so do my kids. So, here is a nice large photo dump and update on what is happening.

BEACH HOUSE: us getting our Utah house was somewhat dependent on what we did with the beach house. Since we couldn’t sell it and we couldn’t turn it into a short term rental, we decided to hire a management company and they are renting it out long term for us. It was literally our only option, so that’s what we decided to do. We are hopeful that once interest rates go back down and the market heats up again, we will be able to sell at a much higher sale price.

UTAH HOUSE: it is getting built very quickly! We were originally told that we could move in mid July, but its looking more like August. We just got doors, trim and all the tile work completed this week. I will write another post with lots of progress photos, hopefully soon! It is so so beautiful already and its not even done yet. Every night, Gordon and I fall into bed and say “we can’t wait until our house is done!” (We literally do this every.night.)

HOOD RIVER: after our Forest Grove house sold, we moved in April to Hood River to live with my in-laws for a few months while our Utah house gets finished being built. We registered our kids in Hood River schools and they finished their 1st, 4th and 8th years. We felt like it was important to spend time with family before we move far away to Utah, and being here has been the biggest blessing. It’s been such a sweet landing place for our family. Being here has been EASY. We know a lot of people in town. A lot of people know us or know of us because of all the other Brennans here. Schools, soccer teams, church and family have all been interconnected and honestly the transition has been just so smooth. I was bracing myself for it being much harder than it is and I’m so grateful for the respite these last few months have felt like. It’s a little piece of heaven right now. I expect things to get a little hard once we are attempting to settle into our home in Utah where EVERYTHING is brand new for all of us. But until then, we are loving our time here in a very familiar place for us all.

CROUTON: We got a dog and named her crouton! This is a more recent development. You can read the details about it here.

GORDON GOT A JOB: the last time I wrote an update, Gordon was doing his own business. He still technically IS doing his own business, but through his networking, he was able to meet one particular Security Consulting Firm and they thought extremely highly of him. He actually started talking to them last October, but only got around to meeting the COO in March for brunch on a business trip he took to Utah to meet a client. That afternoon, the COO called him and offered him a position. Basically, he was so impressed with Gordon that they created a job for him if he’d want to take it. So, he took it and hasn’t looked back. It’s been a huge blessing in many ways and we are so thankful to have that stable income amongst the random payments he receives from his own business.

BROOKE AND I WENT TO PARIS: this was Brooke’s Christmas present/experience and man was it fun!! I’m still organizing/editing the 1000+ photos, but stay tuned for a post. It certainly deserves its own full length feature post!

BLAKE GOT HIS BRACES OFF: and is as handsome as ever. It was really bizarre…after he got them off and I took a few photos, its like I could see him as an 18 year old going off to college. Again, time is a dirty dirty thief because he turned 10 and I’ve got 8 years left.

BRASH AND CO: I started a small business with my friend Claudia. We talk about mom life and home hacks…or mom hacks and home life. Either way, I’m having fun! And in a weird twist of fate, Claudia is also building a house in Utah, across the street from meeee! Her last name is Cash and our last name is Brennan (which you knew), so thats where we got Brash from. It’s a fun little outlet for now and considering I signed a noncompete for food, this is a creative way I can still share stuff online 🙂 You can see our very small blog here and our instagram page here and our facebook page here. Considering we started in January, our growth has been stellar! I’m so proud of what we have accomplished in only 6 months. AND, there is more exciting stuff to come. Stay tuned.

Honorable Mentions:

*I love being just a mom

*I am still trying very hard to stick to my macro-diet even though I am not working out or lifting as regularly as I did when I was in Forest Grove. My in-laws buy a lot of ice cream and its getting to me…or rather, my thighs.

*Eddie lost a tooth!

*I traveled to Utah in May to do the four-way walkthrough on my house to approve all the plumbing and electrical. While I was there, I got to see our beloved Anna Stowers!! (A sister missionary who I met through church who is from Utah but came to Oregon for her 18 months of service as a missionary. It was so lovely to see her! My family adores her and I’m so glad the timing serendipitously worked out!)

*My in-laws have the most glorious thornless raspberry bushes and we have loved going out on warm afternoons and raiding them all.

*We are close to some easy paved trails and I have been able to take my boys and crouton every morning and its really a great way to start the day. We went 2.6 miles the other day!

*I still try to make it back to Forest Grove to see old friends because I can and we’re still here! They are wonderful and I love them.

*Gordon and I love sneaking away for afternoon or evening drives after all the kids (and the dog) are asleep. Built-in babysitters are a glorious thing.

*We can’t wait until our Utah house is done, but are thoroughly enjoying this time!

*More to come <3

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    June 28, 2023 at 8:59 am

    Wow a lot as happened since the last time you posted, congrats on selling your house and renting out the beach house. Can’t get over how grown up all the kids look, especially Blake. I have been to your new site a couple times and love it. Can’t see where you two take it. Congrats to Gordon on the job, hope he can still follow his entrepreneurial aspirations. Love these post btw. Hope you post again soon.

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    September 19, 2023 at 3:18 pm

    please keep this up

    love hearing about the amazing life you’ve made for your family

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