Family This Week at the Brennan's

This Week at the Brennans’

February 15, 2023
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Man oh man, I feel like my days and weeks are flying by! Even though my kids aren’t really in any sports or extra curriculars right now, things are just eating up my time.

Here’s what happened this past week:

We celebrated Brooke’s birthday! I can’t believe she turned 14, but somehow she did and time keeps moving along. Gordon was actually in Utah on her birthday AND we had two showings for our house that day. It was a lot. But I somehow managed to make her an ice cream cake, decorate the house in a somewhat tasteful way with balloons and throw a decent teen party for her and her friends. One of the showings was during the day, so I took Porter out while the buyers were looking. Then got the kids home from school, stuff put away and back out the door again to an early dinner for Brooke’s birthday so the second buyers could come in and take a look. Then we got home and 30 minutes later, we were partying and you couldn’t even tell the house was clean. I slept well that night.

We did have quite a few showings this past week, but no offers yet. A few interested parties but no offers yet. It’s not really a buyers market OR a sellers market. It’s just a crappy market. Ha! And I’m getting sick of keeping our house clean. It’s just one more thing on my plate that I need to be aware of.

The beach house had an offer within 24 hours which was extremely unexpected. We were so grateful for the offer, but now that we are a little further along in the process post-inspection, the buyer is having serious concerns about the foundation of the home even though we have the literal receipts for all the foundation work that has been done on the home not to mention it’s all warrantied work. So if there were/are problems with their work, they will be corrected. Oi! I’d be concerned about cracks in a foundation too as a buyer, I mean, those cracks WERE there when we bought the house 1.5 years ago and we were concerned too! But having a reputable company correct the problem made us feel better about the house which is why we bought it. We are hoping that we can calm any fears with another inspection from the foundation repair company. Sigh. This is not for the faint of heart. That’s for sure. We obviously want the buyers to feel like they are getting a good home but things like this make it difficult for them to see all the good. And having to face the reality that we might have to give some concessions and end up losing money on the property is also a difficult thing to come to terms with too. But, time will tell. A really good (and uncomfortable) learning process.

Blake had a music concert at school this past week and it was so fun to see him sing! I could tell he was nervous and a little uncomfortable, but he did great! He also had a speaking part to introduce one of the songs and he did it perfectly. I made sure our whole family was there 45 minutes early so we could get front row seats and I’m so glad we did! Was totally worth it. My other kids certainly didn’t think so, but parents trump kids. Ha!

Gordon and I are starting to ramp up our workouts and get a tiny bit stricter with our eating to hopefully see some muscle gains. We started about a month ago and already Gordon has lost 3 pounds of fat and gained almost a pound of muscle! I’m a bit of a different story and am certainly going slower, but am down 1.5% body fat, so I’m at 18%. I did loose a pound of muscle mass over the holidays, so I’ve been working on getting all my protein in everyday to help my body hold onto the muscle I have and help gain a little more. It’s a slow going process for me, but am so excited to see Gordon succeed! He is killing it so far!

decorated heart sugar cookies on baking sheet

Valentine’s Day was yesterday and in true Lauren and Gordon fashion, we didn’t do a thing. Ha! Gordon brought me flowers and we went to workout at the gym together. That’s pretty much it. I did make some crepes for dinner with strawberries and nutella for the kids which was fun. And we ate by candlelight because I remembered. But besides that, it’s not a big holiday we celebrate. I’m more of a Thanksgiving and Christmas girl.

Here’s what’s coming up this next week:

We are going to find out if our buyer of the beach house is going to walk away. Wheee! We are hoping this isn’t the case and we will do everything we can to keep them. But we can only do so much. Sigh.

Eddie got chosen to be student of the month at his school for Perseverance. So he will get recognized at an assembly on Friday afternoon. It will be a surprise for him and we are so excited!

I continue to just have fun with my friend Claudia over at BrashandCo. It’s a fun little instagram where we talk about living more naturally but in a realistic way. We call it halfway holistic. We also talk about eating at mcdonalds and drinking diet coke, so there’s that. Ha! It’s all about balance 🙂

Gordon is flying back to Utah next week for three days for work. That man is staying busy with his business, for which I am thankful. It’s so much easier to see him go when he’s working for himself versus other people. It’ll be nice when we are living there and he won’t have to fly.

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