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Happy Birthday, Brooke!

February 15, 2023
girl smiling with birthday cake

I can’t believe I’m writing this post, but my Brooke is now 14! Is your mind blown like mine is? HOW is this possible?

Brooke is the most responsible child I have. Not sure if that’s because she’s a girl, or she’s the oldest or that’s just how she came out, but regardless, I LOVE HER FOR IT. I was very similar at that age, so I assume she got that trait from me. She is indifferent about school, but excels at it. She has great friends and loves hello kitty, reading, the color pink, lightening mcqueen, sushi, Paris and plants. She is slowly coming out of a brown, yellow and orange clothing phase and is going back to jeans and the color pink which I am just thrilled about. It’s so much more flattering than orange and brown!

Brooke is honest, kind, fair, responsible, thoughtful and a loyal friend. She’s a good sister even though her younger brothers are ‘so annoying’. We have recently started watching the office together at night after her brothers have gone to bed and it has been so fun to share the joy of that show with her. Watching her watch it through fresh eyes is exciting to me.

I can’t believe that in 4 years, she will fly the coop. There is a lot of growth that is going to happen in these next four years and I can’t wait to watch it happen but I also don’t want it to happen either. It’s a bizarre place to be as a parent. I know she is going to accomplish so much in her life and I’m excited for her future but I’m also going to not want her to go. UGH. Anyways, here’s to another year around the sun, sweet Brooke. You are my favorite daughter.

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