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This Week at the Brennans’

February 7, 2023
mom and son at disneyland

Friday night, I was going through my old blog posts, reminiscing about our lives and by golly, it lit a fire under me to keep it up. Even if I’m not perfect at it, even if I can’t write it every week, even if I don’t have perfect photos to share. I write these posts for me and for my family. So here we go again! This is going to basically be a massive recap because I’ve missed several months. Gulp. But here we go.

mom cuddling three boys on couch watching a video on her phone

I suppose we should start at the beginning with the big stuff. We are moving to Utah! As you know, I sold my blog. But along with this big life change, the beginning of the year Gordon quit his job to start his own security consulting firm. So we are selling our current home and our beach house. We are kind of in this weird limbo where we know what needs to happen but nothing has happened yet. Both homes are for sale. We’re just waiting for buyers. It’s frustrating and stressful to say the least. But we are hopeful that things will work out. A few more details about our homes-

The Beach House- yes, I can’t believe I’m typing this but we finished renovating the beach house. There are a few minor things left to do (adding a transition piece to the flooring at the top of the stairs, unclogging the bathtub drain, touch up paint) but besides that, it’s all done. I didn’t decorate it as much as I had wanted because our realtor said it wasn’t worth it, but I’m still happy with how it turned out. Here is the listing. Again, we had to lower the price and then our realtor suggested lowering it again, but we are hopeful it will sell…for the low price. This housing market is just wild.

four kids eating dinner at a table

Our current home is also on the market. Lots of interest, several walk throughs, but no offer yet. We have been pretty good about keeping it clean (meaning I’m not going too crazy) but it’s starting to get old. I’m ready to get an offer and move our stuff into storage. Ha! Never thought I’d say it, but I think I’m there.

The papers for our home in Utah are all signed so we are waiting for the county to approve the plans so they can break ground. Who knows how long this will be, but we are counting on moving in around mid-August, right before kids would start school. The build times start once they break ground and they can’t break ground until they get approved plans from the county. So we’re just waiting for all.the.things over here. Honestly, it feels ok to not have sold either home yet because we still have five months ahead of us at the earliest to wait. It’s a really weird position to be in. I am stressed to say the least. Some weeks I feel it more than others. This past week was a doozie, but its getting better.

Ok, going back in time, here are a few other things I want to remember.

Blake got some lower teeth removed. Having an orthodontist monitor this big teeth in his small mouth has been extremely helpful! He’s got some gnarly looking xrays, but thankfully we can do some preventative teeth pulling to ensure those adult teeth are coming up a little closer to where they should versus popping up randomly where they shouldn’t, destroying other adult teeth as they go. Again, his xrays were wild. Lots of teeth moving opposite directions. All that’s to say, he had to have some teeth pulled. Instead of having him awake the entire time, we opted to just knock him out for the 10 minutes of surgery. It was the fastest thing in the world and lemme tell you Blake high on drugs was the cutest little thing I’ve ever seen. He was making the nurses swoon because he was so happy go lucky. But, that’s just Blake.

And speaking of Blake, on New Years Day, Gordon took Blake to a Seahawks game in Seattle. This was Blake’s gifted experience. We tried to get the best seats for them both, but of course someone taller then Blake sat right in front of them making it really hard for him to see anything. The first half of the game was frustrating, but as the game kept going, more and more people were choosing to sit rather than stand, which made it a much more enjoyable experience for him. Gordon certainly spoiled him with donuts and hot dogs and more donuts to make up for the not so stellar experience. One day, Blake is going to be tall enough to sit in any seats.

two boys dressed as superheros

Eddie just turned SEVEN and I was able to take him to Disneyland 🙂 We got all our kids ‘experiences’ for Christmas and this was Eddie’s. While it was a great idea in theory, it is waaaaay more expensive than a few physical presents. We probably won’t be doing this for a while again. Hahaha! Our trip was a really exhausting but really fun for just the two of us! We were able to walk and walk and walk and eat and eat and eat and ride all the rides we could! He loved Thunder Mountain, so we waited in line to ride it three times! He doesn’t seem to be the biggest thrill seeker when it comes to roller coasters, but Thunder Mountain was a pretty big step for him.

I was able to sign Blake and Eddie up for summer soccer camp in Utah! The college we go through is extremely popular for their kids sports camps, so once I finally got around to registering my boys (only 40 minutes after they opened up registration very early one morning), we were waitlisted. But after a few days, we got the email saying they were in! So we paid the money and here we are. This is the same one Blake did last July. This year, Eddie is old enough to participate and I’m sure they both are going to love it!

mom and son at disneyland

My friend and neighbor Claudia and I started a new instagram page where we make funny videos about being halfway holistic. It’s giving me something to do that is fun with a friend which is a welcome distraction from the stress of selling our homes and feeling a little bored after selling the blog. Follow along if you feel so inclined.

And believe it or not, Brooke will be fourteen in two days. HOWWW. She has requesting a lightening mcqueen themed birthday party. I don’t understand it, but apparently its a thing. She also saved up all her babysitting and chore money to buy herself some light up lightening mcqueen crocs. Again, I don’t understand but everyone at school things she is ‘sick’ for having them. Again, I don’t understand this language, but apparently thats a good thing. I just want to braid her hair and watch Tangled like we used to before her brothers came along. Sigh. Those were the days. BUT! Brooke’s ‘experience’ is going to Paris over spring break and her and I are going to die of enjoyment. It’ll just be her and I in Paris for 5 days. We were google mapping our hotel location to see what it was close to and by golly I did a fantastic job. We are so excited to go.

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    February 8, 2023 at 2:06 am

    I am so happy you are wanting to blog still!
    Luv your family & keeping up with them is so cool!

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    February 10, 2023 at 6:30 am

    I love to see that you still want to do this post. It was one of my favorites since you started it. I can’t believe Eddie is seven, I still remember you talking about what a mischievous baby he was. Plus Brooke being 14 is mind boggling, and Blake looks so grown up too! Where does the time go. Hope the houses sell soon and you can start making the transition to Utah sooner than later. Definitely checking out the Instagram page now 🙂 BTW what vinyl plank flooring did you use that is in the picture with all the kids?

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