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Happy Birthday Eddie!

February 3, 2023
boy smiling with birthday cake

My sweetest little side kick turned SEVEN a few days ago, and man oh man what a fun birthday it was! We celebrated at home a few days before his birthday with vanilla cake, chocolate frosting, blue sprinkles and trick candles. (He knows what he wants.)

mom with son on ride

Then, once the weekend hit, I took him to Disneyland! We were only there for two days, but it was a packed two days. He got a birthday button and didn’t really like wearing it because all these strangers kept wishing him a happy birthday! (How dare they!) So, he didn’t always like wearing it. We played hard, walking about 40,000 over the course of the two days. It was such a fun time to just spend it together. I find my time is pulled in a million directions, rarely finding the time to have any one on one time with anyone. We’re just always together. But having this time to be just the two of us was perfect and I loved every second of it.

Eddie was a really hard baby. He hardly slept, he hardly talked, he just beat to his own drum right from the beginning. But the older he has gotten the more sweet he has become. Still definitely spicy too, but very sweet. He LOVES his older brother Blake and is annoyed by his younger brother Porter. He loves school and forgets things easily. Or maybe because his mind is always jumping from one fun thing to the next, he typically forgets where he’s been and who he’s talked to. He is very tender hearted and can cry pretty easily when misunderstood, but can be tough and show Porter who’s boss. He is already refusing to share a room with Porter once our home in Utah is built, but we keep telling him that this won’t be the case. He is very much in denial. He loves learning about animals, loves running, biking and soccer. Still pretty small for his age, but is probably the fastest one on any soccer team.

We sure to love you, Eddie! Your bright blue eyes and big smile make me melt most days and our family is complete with you in it. Happy birthday, bud. Your seventh and best year yet!

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