November Highlights

November 30, 2023

Happy November! This month was a big one with two trips planned! One couple’s trip with some old Oregon friends and then a family trip to Arizona to see my sister for Thanksgiving, minus Gordon.

Parents gone wild: we taste tested ice cream and root beer, naturally. We also went on a hike, slept in and sat in the hot tub! Gordon went to play pickle ball and then we went to Cracker Barrel for breakfast…at 2pm.

We also dropped in on Aunt Linda for a lovely visit. She was only 10 minutes away from our Airbnb.

Our beloved Sister Stowers came to watch our kiddos and there is no one better. Too bad Blake barfed everywhere the 2nd night. Sorry Anna! She may never come back to watch our children again. Lol.

Crouton meets a cow! She has a love/hate relationship with livestock.

Went on a hike with friends to view this memorial. Yes, I said FRIENDS! I’ve made a few.

Took these cuties to Stake Conference at a freaking tabernacle. Brooke didn’t want her photo taken, so I cropped her out.

I traveled to Arizona with my kiddos for Thanksgiving! I didn’t dare make the 11 hour drive in one day, so we stopped half way for the night to rest and recharge. Gordon had to stay behind to get work done because there were deadlines for…something. What does he do again? Lol.

Shayna took my kiddos and did something while I cooked most of the dinner. She said she felt bad, but the truth is I loved every minute! I love uninterrupted cooking and baking!! Also, look how good this turkey looks! I can’t believe I made that. I just used vegetable oil and salt. Nothing fancy in the least. Also, I made the best gravy of my life. Again, not sure how that worked, but I’m not asking questions.

Cutest charcuterie board dropped off by my sister’s sweet neighbors.

Porter looking a little tipsy.

HEAVEN on a plate. This was a wonderful taste of home.

I think we made seven different kinds of pie?! Pretty sure it was 7. They are not all pictured here.

The gang’s all here! Except for Gordon 🙁

I’m not a puzzle enthusiast but with these ladies, I could be.

After thanksgiving, we got to check out Shayna and Tony’s school. They are both high school teachers!

The morning before we left, we burned some energy at the park! And then we drove home and I decided I will never do that drive without another driving adult again. The end.

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