Brooke’s 8th Grade Promotion

June 25, 2023

Our Brooke is officially graduated from middle school and is off to high school! I sort of can’t believe it, but understand and acknowledge that time is a dirty dirty thief.

Brooke started in one middle school in Forest Grove then transferred to Hood River Middle School in April. I told her that she could do online school or even homeschool to finish her year because who wants to switch schools mid-year, let alone middle school? But her cousin Keira convinced her to go to real person school, so she did and she thrived! Thanks to Keira, Brooke was able to make countless friends and have a stellar last few months. There were so many tender mercies with Brooke specifically that has let me know that God is truly looking out for her and our family.

Example: as I was registering her for school, the front receptionist knew Keira and immediately was like “oh, we’ve been expecting Brooke! Keira told us all about her!” Then when I talked with the 8th grade counsellor about how we would go about choosing classes for Brooke, she told me that my sister-in-law, Emily, was her BFF and she would grant any class to Brooke that she wanted and would ensure Brooke and Keira would be in as many classes together as possible. Like, seriously? It was so EASY. As a mother who worries about this kind of stuff, I was just so grateful.

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