Summer Highlights

August 10, 2023

Looking back on our trip to Utah in July, then Oregon for the rest of the summer before we officially moved, here are the highlights I want to remember:

*picking blackberries and making jam we could bring with us to Utah. We still have a few jars!

*Soccer camp with friends for the 2nd year in a row! This year Eddie was able to join.

*Shopping and work meetings at City Creek. Having a daughter old enough to just go off shopping with a friend still blows my mind.

*Dinner and hatchet throwing with friends…and then talking for hours outside until midnight!

*Meeting up with my sister and her family while they were driving through. Even though it was a quick hour, we savored every minute. Porter LOVES Aunt Shayna. Also, we wore matching shirts.

*I got to see my Amy’s!! (My best friends from college.) They truly are just the best.

*Lots of quiet time along the columbia river highway. Sometimes I’d bring my boys and Crouton to get some exercise before it got too hot.

*Sweetie pie Crouton getting used to the family and thoroughly enjoying her daily walks.

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