Friday Night Things.

November 1, 2013
brooke and friend

Screen shot 2013-11-01 at 10.21.30 PM1. My husband is away at his drill….left this morning. *Womp womp*

2. While the husbands’ away, the mommy will play….aka stay up late eating all the halloween candy. Also, shopping.

3. And by Halloween candy, I mean grapenuts and toast. #notevenkidding

4. I love running into enthusiastic readers that recognize me. Especially at Target when I’m wearing grubby clothes, a hat and no makeup. #imsohot {Hi, Rachel 🙂 }

5. I think I want to be related to these people. They are youtube stars and my friend Bonnie told me about them years ago before they were ‘stars’. I’ve been watching them ever since. They’re an acquired taste for sure, but I luuuurve them and sort of want to move to California and creepstalk them and pretend to be related….mainly because they remind me of my loud and obnoxious family who I never see.

6. Please note: creepstalk is a term of endearment and I totally creepstalked my husband before we started ‘legit’ dating. #wishIwaskidding

7. Maybe I should stop talking before I………umm…… get arrested?!

8. This morning, Pinterest wasn’t working for me and I almost ALMOST had a coronary. I’m addicted and not ashamed.

9. Last Friday, I took my daughter to see Disney on Ice. {see photo above}  We met some friends for dinner first and then went to the show. We had pretty close seats, so I was able to see some concerning observations that made me re-think the original movies I saw in preparation: {1} Pinocchio was a girl {2} Rapunzel was Asian {3} There were no bears AT ALL in the Brave story {4} Eric was  bald. Definitely NOT how I remembered those stories….

10. My to do list for tomorrow is pretty long, but the longer I stay up, the shorter I feel like it’s getting. I think I’ll just stick with shopping.

11. I’m a little obsessed with this video. It’s something I made during the summer for a Brennan family reunion to show all these relatives {who I never met before} what we’ve been up to the last 6+ years.  I can’t handle how cute Brooke was as a little girl. Take a peek and see for yourself!! Can’t handle the cuteness.

12. I’m looking for paleo recipes that taste like ice cream and brownies. Let me know if you find any.

13. I’m also looking for area rugs for my house. One of my friends just recently told me about Joss & Main. Have you heard of this place? Life=changed. I know I need rugs, but they have a super nice tufted headboard that is calling my name. Seems like the perfect time to upgrade to a king-size bed, right? RIIIIIGHT. Tweet that to my husband.

14. PS–my husband thinks tufted anything looks weird. Tweet him that I’m right about all things too.

I think that is all. Enjoy your weekend!

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    Sarah @ Will Run for Pasta
    November 2, 2013 at 11:24 pm

    Oh my goodness, I love ShayCarl, found them through Dave Ramsey when they called in about paying off all their debt, then I had to look up the video, they’re hilarious.

    Such a cute slideshow for the reunion, you guys are so adorable!

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    Marilyn Brennan
    November 3, 2013 at 4:11 pm

    Man, I love that video!
    Fun to see your rundown. Gordon’s loving it.

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