December Highlights

December 31, 2023

We got hit with another terrible stomach bug this month. I don’t know why we are the lucky ones, but whatever. That part was terrible. But then there was Christmas and my birthday and all was well!

Gordon got the Christmas lights up! These are permanent Christmas lights that are controlled by an app. Or so I hear. I love not being in charge of this. Also, love our dirt out front? Spoiler: we did not have a white Christmas.

My Mom finished Porter’s Christmas stocking! These are very intricate stockings that take a ton of time to make, so it was a lovely surprise to get this in the mail. I consider these heirlooms. My grandma made Brooke’s, my Mom made Blake’s, my aunt made Eddie’s and my Mom made Porter’s.

These are the best Christmas gifts that come home from school!

Tootie Croutie got a hair cut!

Santa Clause came for a visit!!

Gordon had to travel to Portland for work and was able to sneak one night away to visit with some old Forest Grove friends! We love these people like family. This does my heart so much good. I was so happy that he was able to visit with them and have the time to relax.

We went to a Grinch party and the GRINCH WAS THERE! And literally hilarious.

One Saturday morning, Porter and I got up and made pancakes! And this is Porter just being Porter. I just don’t even know what to say at this point. You never know what kind of face you’re going to get when you ask him to smile.

I taught my kids the glory that is Rumoli. We played three days straight.

Christmas morning!

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