October 6, 2022
boats in alaskan harbor

Finally took the time to go through the 800+ photos I took from our cruise to Alaska (or as Porter would say, “AWASKA”).

While my kids LOVED this vacation, I felt very “meh” about it. Not sure if it was the cruise line, all the covid protocols and testing we had to do, the bad weather, the fact that we didn’t have adjoining rooms or all of the above, but it didn’t turn out to be quite what I had envisioned. But my kids and husband certainly DID have a great time and Vacation Gordon is my favorite Gordon, so that was possibly the best part.

We went on a Royal Carribbean 8-day cruise leaving out of Seattle. The day before we left (Sunday) we drove up and stayed in an airbnb nearby the cruise terminal. The next morning we drove about 10 minutes down to the shuttle service I pre-arranged and we were able to park our car and board relatively quickly. Porter did have to get covid tested and the results took 30 minutes longer than they said they would take, but besides that, things were relatively smooth sailing.

It was a little bizarre swimming on a cruise that was in Alaska, but that is what my kiddos wanted to do the majority of the time we were on board the ship, so that is what we did! We also ate. A TON. But that is apparently what you do on cruises! Here were the ports we stopped at:

  • Sitka
  • Skagway
  • Juneau
  • Victoria

We were also supposed to stop at Endicott Arm and Dawes Glacier, but there was a kid onboard who got injured the night before (allegedly he broke an arm), so they skipped this port and went straight to Juneau which was a HUGE bummer. Another reason this was not my favorite trip.

Anyways, I finally edited the photos from our vacation and are sharing just a handful here of my very favorites! The best part was the warmer, sunny weather in Victoria and all the goodies we got! Also, that evening Gordon and I ate at Jamie’s for his birthday (an Italian restaurant on board the ship) and it was DELICIOUS. Was definitely a highlight. Also, them coming out with a cake and singing very loudly to him. Mwahahaha.

seattle harbor
family selfie
The cruise line offered movies to watch on board, so we all were here together watching Sing 2 and apparently not mad about it!
alaskan harbor with boats
In a very rainy Sitka!
dad with two boys smiling in the rain
alaskan harbor
kids smiling with sign
alaska ocean
two boys smiling in road
Please notice the penguin stuffed animal in Porter’s coat.
family smiling on cruise ship
boats in alaskan harbor
boy laughing
four kids smiling on sidewalk
Oh, hi cuties!
two boys sitting on statue smiling
scenic view from tram
tram in alaska
toddler looking out window
boy and girl on tram
One of my favorite photos I took!
donut holes
boy eating donut holes
Timbits never disappoint.
family walking on sidewalk
boy walking on sidewalk
boats in harbor
family selfie on a bus

As soon as we got off the cruise ship, we got a huge breakfast at chick-fil-a and drove back to Portland. That drive back to Portland was SO much quicker and thankfully everyone was really happy to be home.

Will I do another Alaskan Cruise in the future? Probably not. But everyone else in my family would go back in a heartbeat. But that might be the bottomless ice cream talking…

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    October 12, 2022 at 6:58 am

    I’d love to see Alaska. I can understand why it wasn’t great with all those issues. Adjoining rooms would have been top disappointment. We have 5 kids ages 5 to 13 and I like us all together.

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